Frequently asked questions about Qudi Mask
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What is Qudi Mask?
We want to introduce to you the world's first emotional mask - it opens mouth to your speech, shows various emotions, reacts to your head movements and much more!
How to switch modes manual?
There is a touch button on the mask control unit, a special recess under the logo, to switch it is worth touching this place and releasing your finger.
How to charge?
Standart phone charging (5V and 1.5A output voltage limitation) ATTENTION! Mask should be turned off when charging! (charging is included)
Is the mask charged or not?
When the mask is fully charged, the red LED will turn off, and blue LED will be turned on. A full charge takes 3-5 hours.
Is mask waterproofed?
Today mask is NOT waterproofed, so be carefull and avoid water while using mask. We are working on a waterproofed version now.
How to connect to the mask from the phone (Android)?
When connecting for the first time:
Turn on the mask > connect the mask via the Bluetooth settings in the phone > turn on the Qudi Mask application > "gear" button > "Not connected" button > select "Qudi Mask"

For subsequent connections:
turn on the mask > turn on the Qudi Mask application > wait a couple of seconds (automatic connection occurs)
Mask begins to lag and freeze?
Try to:
a. restart it;
b. charge it;
If it won't help please contact our support:

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